How to Ensure a Deep, Peaceful, REM Sleep For More Energized Days

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We now live in a world that never sleeps. Staying up all night to party, study or work? No one’s going to blame you! But it does take a toll on our health. Sleep deprivation impacts the brain and body negatively.

However, the common view is that insufficient sleep is the main reason people feel tired after waking up.

However, research shows that it’s not just the quantity of sleep, but also the quality of sleep that matters. Some of us can sleep for 5 hours or less and still wake up energized and ready to take on the next day!

What’s their secret?


Getting Deep Sleep Is Essential For Peak Mental Performance

There are 5 stages in the sleep cycle, with REM being the last and deepest. Those who don’t achieve the REM cycle can develop issues with the immune and nervous system. REM sleep restores us; in fact, it is essential for survival.

Ideally, we should achieve the REM stage 60 to 90 minutes after falling asleep. It’s easy to tell when someone’s in REM sleep; their breathing becomes shorter and irregular, eyes tremble under the closed eyelids, and heart beat also get faster.

Get enough REM sleep and you will see your memory getting better, and your physical coordination and alertness increasing.

Sleep Your Way to The Top – Here’s How!

We often ignore the natural patterns that people are supposed to follow. In an effort to get more done, we forego sleep and pay the price with our health a few years down the line. Don’t ignore your sleep; follow these guidelines to ensure better quality of sleep every night:


  1. Pay attention to your circadian rhythm. Understand your personal hours of sleep. Let your inner clock guide you on when to sleep and when to get up.
  1. Sleep in complete darkness. Even the street lights peeking in through the window can affect your sleep cycle and keep you from achieving deep REM state sleep. Invest in some dark out blinds if necessary. Turn that TV off.
  1. Rise with the sun! Try to wake up as the sun comes out, and catch those early rays. This can help boost your melanin products; it also gives you the necessary dosage of vitamin D.
  1. Take a hot bath before you sleep. It’ll help you relax and get ready for the night.
  1. Meditate. Daily meditation before bedtime not only helps in the production of melanin but also helps strengthen the immune system.

Recover & Recharge No Matter Where You Are

The trouble with travelers is that they don’t have a consistent night time ritual, and they often have to sleep in hotels and unfamiliar beds.

Why not take your pillow with you? You can implement the guidelines above no matter where you are, and when you pack your pillow along, you can ensure a great sleep, no matter where in the world you are.

Buy a travel bag for bed pillow, and sleep fitfully!

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